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Kapton® polyimide film

DuPont™ Kapton® polyimide films have set the industry standard for over 45 years in high performance, reliability and durability, with a unique combination of electrical, thermal, chemical and mechanical properties that withstand extreme temperature, vibration and other demanding environments. Kapton® polyimide films make innovative design solutions possible in a range of industries including consumer electronics, solar photovoltaic and wind energy, aerospace, automotive and industrial applications.

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Kapton® polyimide film
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Kapton® CR and Kapton® FCR
DuPont™ Kapton® CR and Kapton® FCR

For improved motor and generator performance.

Case Study
L.Garde Sunjammer solar sail
DuPont Collaborates with L'Garde to Create Largest Solar Sail EverKapton® EN polyimide film used to create a thin, light-weight base film to reliably perform in space.