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Kapton® PST

DuPont™ Kapton® PST grade polyimide film is a crystalline film designed for the pressure sensitive tape industry with improved film attributes for PST coaters. Film properties that aid in coater performance include superior point thickness and gauge control across the web, improved roll formation, and extended roll lengths.


  • Superior tensile strength
  • Good elongation
  • Minimal variation between MD and TD properties
  • Superior dielectric
  • UL listing
  • Long length splice-free rolls
  • Batch-to-batch uniformity

Typical Physical Properties of Kapton® PST Film

 Physical Property @ 23°C @ 200°C
 Ultimate Tensile Strength, MPa (psi)  252 (36,500)  139 (20,000)
 Yield Point at 3%, MPa (psi)  69 (10,000)  41 (6,000)
 Ultimate Elongation, % 72   83
 Tensile Modulus, GPa (psi)  2.5 (370,000)  2.0 (290,000)
 Tear Strength - Propogating (Elmendorf), N (lbf) 0.07 (0.02)   
 Tear Stength - Initial (graves), N (lbf) 72 (1.6)   
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