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DuPont™ Kapton® offers the durability and reliability needed for applications in extreme environments. Kapton® can withstand temperatures as low as –269°C and as high as 400°C, and still retain its properties. In this industry, it is used primarily as insulation for aircraft and spacecraft wiring.

L'Garde Smart Space Technology and DuPont Collaborate to Build Largest Solar Sail Yet L’Garde looked to collaborate with DuPont in this process due to its long history of providing aerospace performance materials in commercial quantities. DuPont was able to produce 4,860 square meters of 5 micron thick Kapton® - the equivalent of 1.2 acres - which provided enough material to build and test prototypes, as well as to construct the final flight unit.

DuPont Products Go to Mars and Beyond High-Tech Materials Enable Spirit & Opportunity Rovers Since the birth of manned space flight more than four decades ago, DuPont has been along for the ride with products essential for lighter weight, reduced volume, durability and environmental resistance.

Kapton® used as a non-flammable lightweight material for Orcon's aircraft insulation The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is developing new flammability test requirements for aircraft insulation that will result in increased fire safety on aircrafts.

We Have Lift Off! Kapton® polyimide film is used as the primary insulation on the electrical cables used in the harnesses connecting the different key elements of the rocket insuring their functionality.