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Ansell Cut Protection Gloves with Kevlar®

As a leader in the hand protection industry for over 100 years, Ansell has long been recognized for its innovation in developing products that defend against cuts, abrasions, chemicals and other work place hazards.

Ansell serves a cross-section of hand product protection and hygiene needs in settings as diverse as industrial assembly lines, food processing plants and chemical laboratories.

Ansell has launched a line of high end, professional grade gloves made with DuPont™ Kevlar® that have been engineered to meet the needs of various construction trades and tasks.

Gloves in the ProGrade™ Series are comfortable for workers and offer the dexterity needed to perform tasks ranging from general construction and carpentry to masonry and cement finishing to plumbing and painting.

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ActivArmr™ HVAC Glove

The patented ActivArmr™ HVAC glove offers superior cut protection, enhanced wet/dry grip and advanced dexterity for working with snips, screws and sheet metal. Made with Ansell's patented Intercept Techology, the ActivArmr™ HVAC glove is crafted of stainless steel and DuPont™ Kevlar® fibers, giving it an ANSI Level 4 cut protection.

  • Working with sheet metal
  • Constructing hanging and running duct work
  • HVAC maintenance and repair services
ActivArmr™ Plumber Glove
The patented ActivArmr™ Plumber glove gives the ability to slide materials in your hands while providing an advanced fingertip grip and the combination of protection, comfort, and durability. Using Ansell's patented Knitted Variable Stitch Design (KVSD) with DuPont™ Kevlar® , the ActivArmr™ Plumber glove provides barehanded dexterity and best in class cut protection that is seven times greater than standard plumber gloves. The foam nitrile coating, along with reinforcements in the palm and fingertips, protect against warm pipes and prevent the slippage of pipe and other materials.

  • Laying, installing or fitting pipe
  • Plumbing maintenance and repair services
97-505 / Ansell Cut Protection Glove
Comfort, Cut Protection, & Dexterity all in ONE Glove.

At Least 10X More Cut Protection than most popular leather and construction gloves!

The ultimate construction glove in cut protection & durability. When handing rough, sharp or jagged materials, reach for the NEW Ansell Cut Protection Glove. Featuring a unique combination of DuPont™ Kevlar & Ansell technology, this Intercept Technology® Stretch Armor Yarn is designed to deliver comfort, dexterity & ANSI Level 4 Cut Resistance to the Professional Contractor.
HyFlex® 11-500
When the job requires protection from moderately sharp and medium weight objects, no glove handles better than the HyFlex® 11-500. Soft, close-fitting, and highly flexible, this glove provides a fit so comfortable; you may forget you have it on!  And with its tapered fingers, you can pick up even the smallest screws or metal pieces easily.
PowerFlex® Plus™ 80-600
PowerFlex® Plus™  80-600 provides cut, abrasion, and puncture resistance; superior wet and dry grip; and unbelievable comfort. The gloves are ergonomically designed and feature a seamless Kevlar® knit lining that’s palm-dipped with a textured, natural rubber coating.  The uncoated back allows air to circulate which keeps hands cooler and drier, and the fully coated thumb provides added protection in this high-risk area.
HyFlex® 11-511 Glove
The HyFlex® 11-511 glove has several outstanding features, including Intercept Technology® yarn – developed by Ansell and DuPont which incorporates Kevlar® Stretch Armor Technology. The extended cuff provides additional cut protection in the highly sensitive wrist area. Our new foam nitrile formulation provides longer wear for increased durability. The HyFlex® 11-511 offers superior grip and tactility in light oil or dry environments, therefore providing sure grip of product and assurance when handling sharp objects and knives. With incredible cut protection and a relaxed fit, the HyFlex® 11-511 enables your workers to perform safely and efficiently.
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