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Youngstown Glove Launches Six New High-Performance Gloves made with Kevlar®.

Youngstown Equipment Company produces highly technical performance work gloves that exceed the demanding needs of trade professionals.  

Youngstown Glove Co. launched six new high-performance cut-resistant gloves using Kevlar® technology. Youngstown and DuPont worked closely together on the development of these new gloves, designed to help satisfy the strong market need for gloves that offer greater cut-resistance and durability, while allowing for a high-level of dexterity.

All six gloves styles are lined throughout with a knit made of Kevlar® brand fiber, offering greater cut protection for the most demanding work applications. 

General Utility Lined with Kevlar®

The General Utility Plus lined with Kevlar® is an all-purpose, versatile work glove that offers a good balance of durability, dexterity and protection.  
Safety Lime Lined with Kevlar®
The Safety Lime lined with Kevlar® is similar to the General Utility Plus in its construction and overall functionality, yet also offers 3M™ Scotchlite™ reflective material for high visibility applications.  
Waterproof Winter Lined with Kevlar®
The WaterProof Winter Plus lined with Kevlar® is 100% waterproof and cut-resistant, offering protection against harsh winter elements while maintaining a high level of dexterity and warmth.
High Performance Lined with Kevlar®
The high-performance glove with Kevlar® is built for highly abrasive applications and features a one-piece Clarino™ Non-Slip palm that enhances grip, resists wear and provides a high level of dexterity and comfort. 
Titan XT Lined with Kevlar®
A cut-resistant, Kevlar® lined performance glove featuring foam padding and TPR knuckles on top of hand for smash & pinch protection.
MWG Cut-Resistant Lined with Kevlar®
This model is designed for cut-resistance and enhanced dexterity and grip. Features a flexible one-piece Clarino™ non-slip palm which maintains grip in wet and dry conditions. This style also boasts an all-black coloration.