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There are so many great things about DuPont™ Real Touch® Laminate flooring. Not only is it easy to install, it can be installed over virtually any existing floor-wood, concrete and resilient vinyl flooring.

DuPont™ Real Touch® Laminate Flooring is backed by a 50-year limited wear warranty and has GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certification ® for low VOC. That means this flooring has reduced impact on the indoor air quality of the home.

DuPont is the trusted name that has delivered innovation and reliable products for more than 200 years.

All patterns of the DuPont™ Real Touch® products have exciting features and benefits whether in wood, stone or tile patterns:

Embossed-In-Register® is an amazing technology that applies wood and ceramic textures to laminate floors, embosses surface texture precisely over underlying patterns, creates an amazingly natural and authentic look, and provides increased traction and improved slip resistance.

Joint Guard® Glueless System helps to protect the vulnerable joints between laminate pieces by utilizing a subtle indentation on the edges of the planks. The easy-to-use glueless locking system creates no mess, aids in making joints less visible, and makes installation a snap - literally!

Comfort Underlayment
Our  pre-attached underlayment reduces noise and eliminates one step of the installation process, so you’re saving installation time. The underlayment also provides comfort underfoot, eliminates a time-consuming installation step, and greatly reduces noise.

InterPlank Design® 
InterPlank Design® features the Self-Alignment System™ -- A design feature that allows for the creation of an uninterrupted wood grain strip across planks and unbroken wood strips across seams. The system also offers wider planks which reduces installation time, allows faster and easier installation, prevents unsightly pattern repetition, and works regardless of which planks you put together. Four unique plank designs help reduce the possibility of pattern repetition, so that no matter which combination of the four planks you use, each pair creates the illusion of one continuous wood plank running across the seam.

LongStrip® is an extension of the InterPlank® Design® technology and allows one wood strip to run up to 18 feet before the pattern breaks. And with the DuPont™ Real Touch® Wide Plank System™, this can be done without changing plank dimensions or standard packaging.

MicroBevel® uses Embossed-In-Register® technology.  This technology embosses the lines between wood strips on multi-strip planks, including the outer edges of the planks which allows for subtle indents between wood strips.

Multi-Direction Design™ 
A new design innovation that takes the InterPlank Design® concept in a whole new direction. The stone pattern continues uninterrupted across the seams between planks in both directions. This creates virtually invisible seams and a truly random stone pattern. Providing complex random stone patterns in laminate for the first time. Available in Tuscan Stone.

In summary, the combination of these innovations provides a more natural, realistic-looking floor in a more durable material.

DuPont™ Real Touch® Flooring is GREENGUARD Certified®

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