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Wear, vibration, corrosion, contamination – every day you’re asked to find lubrication solutions that fit defined limitations in costs, temperatures, materials and chemical properties. 
Extreme conditions require extreme performance.

DuPont™ Krytox® synthetic industrial lubricants thrive on tough challenges, in the most unforgiving environments, across a wide array of industries. When you need a solution to lubrication issues where extreme temperatures, non-flammability, oxygen compatibility, longevity, and resistance to caustic chemicals are critical, Krytox® lubricants can help. For superior performance, less maintenance and longer use-life, you’ll find a quality Krytox® lubricant for your application, listed by industry, below. 



    Safety and performance are mission-critical in NASA and the aviation industry, and Krytox® lubricants are a mainstay. » Learn More
    Automotive NVH
    Krytox® lubricants conquer frictional vibrations in the key components that contribute to product quality. » Learn More
    Automotive Underhood
    Krytox® high-performance lubricants help engineers meet new quality standards. » Learn More
    Chemical Processing & Petrochemicals
    DuPont has extensive experience in the chemical and petrochemical industries. That’s why the Krytox® NRT line of oils and greases was created to meet the special lubricant needs for valve, pump, motor and reactive gas applications. » Learn More
    Corrugated Boxboard Manufacturing
    Krytox® lubricants are the corrugator industry standard for lubricating bearings on heated rolls in single facers and associated equipment. » Learn More
    In the electronics industry, Krytox® offers long-life oils and greases for semiconductors, wet and dry pumps, vacuum system sealants, cleanrooms, robotics and more. » Learn More
    Krytox® lubricants offer extended performance in power generation systems for lower operating costs, less component wear and longer time between re-lubrications when compared to conventional lubricants. » Learn More
    Food Processing
    Krytox® odorless, tasteless oils and greases are the safe, NSF H1- certified, food-grade lubricant answers for the food processing industry. » Learn More
    Metal Processing
    Krytox® oils and greases can cut production costs by increasing the equipment life in mills, foundry, and smelters of steel, aluminum, copper and gold. » Learn More
    Oil & Gas
    The sophisticated machinery required to explore and extract crude oil and natural gas from the ground requires Krytox® special lubricants in both oil field and downhole operations. » Learn More
    Pulp & Paper
    Krytox® lubricants thrive in the extreme environments inside pulp mill and paper machine equipment, saving life cycle costs and reducing downtime. » Learn More
    Reactive Gas
    Safe, non-reactive, and non-flammable in use with reactive gases, Krytox® lubricant technology delivers safe operations and extended equipment life. » Learn More
    Krytox® oils and greases can improve the performance of textile machinery while reducing downtime and maintenance expenses. » Learn More

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    Non-toxic, chemically inert DuPont™ Krytox® lubricants leave a minimal environmental footprint when compared to hydrocarbon-based oils and greases.