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Green Tape™ Aids Passive Component Integration in Miniature Band Pass

Challenge: Passive Components Add to Size and Cost of Portable Handsets

While circuit integration has decreased the number of ICs in a handset and contributed to the smaller size and weight of leading models, the same level of integration has not yet been achieved by passive components. A typical cellular phone may have more than 1,000 two-terminal passive components which occupy a major part of the main board area, contributing significantly to the cost of materials and assembly.

Solution: LTCC Materials Combined with Passive Components and RF Design to Improve Performance, and

CTS Microelectronics of West Lafayette, Ind., has now developed new miniature RF band pass filter technology utilizing DuPont Green Tape ™. The novel design of the CTS band pass filter reduces board space, the number of solder joints, and assembly time.

The CTS band pass filter replaces nine individual two-terminal passives with a single surface-mount-integrated passive device. With Green Tape™ materials, CTS was able to design embedded inductors and capacitors to take advantage of the three-dimensional, multilayer capability of Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramics (LTCC).

The new low-loss band pass filter uses 17 layers of 951 Green Tape™ including 951CT, a 2-mil Green Tape™ developed for internal capacitors. High conductivity thick film conductors assure high Q at the 942 MHz operating frequency.

With this initial development, CTS has demonstrated the ability to combine LTCC materials and processes and embedded passive component technology with complex RF design and simulation to create custom LTCC circuits and modules which deliver improved performance and smaller size.

Offering integrated design and manufacturing capability, CTS Microelectronics is a world-class supplier of high-density interconnect and integrated packaging to the telecommunications, data processing, military, and medical industries. CTS combines large-format master substrates and high-volume Green Tape™ manufacturing experience to deliver solutions to the global wireless industry.

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