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DuPont Microcircuit Materials

Copper Conductive Inks for Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)

Copper Conductive Inks for Printed Circuit Boards

DuPont CB200 Copper ConductorIs primarily used to provide electromagnetic interference/radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI) shielding on rigid and flexible circuits.  Product benefits include:

  • Conductivity comparable to silver
  • Strong adhesion to many substrates
  • Excellent screen printing properties

DuPont CB230 Copper ConductorIs a solderable ink composition formulated with silver-coated copper powder for enhanced solderability and solder leach resistance. This product provides:

  • Excellent solderability and leach resistance
  • Strong adhesion to a wide variety of substrates, including aluminum
  • Excellent screen printing properties

These CB Series product benefits include: 

  • Reduced Processing Steps
  • Additive Processing
  • Increased Yields

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