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DuPont Microcircuit Materials

CB Series - Silver Conductive Inks for PCBs

CB Series - Silver Conductive Inks

Introducing our newest DuPont CB Series screen printed ink materials used for additive, low temperature processing on both rigid and flexible printed circuit boards (PCBs).

paste pourNEW DuPont CB500 removable conductive silver plating link Is a printed silver conductor ink designed to simplify selective electroplating applications in the manufacturing of PCBs. This product:

  • eliminates the need for bus bars or other copper plating connections
  • reduces the chance of forming unintended copper antennae
  • removes the need for “after-plating”
  • ultimately reduces process costs.

Coming Soon - DuPont CB459 platable silver conductor Is an additive that can be used as an overprint for via fills in rigid and flexible laminates. CB459 has:

  • good platability and increased bond strength on epoxy based, non-conductive via fill materials
  • can be used on a variety of printed circuit board resin systems.

DuPont CB028 silver conductor Is used to provide electromagnetic interference / radio frequency interference (EMI / RFI) shielding on rigid or flexible printed circuit board (PCB) substrates.

DuPont CB100 via plug material This high performance viaplug product line has been developed to planarize high density PCB's, enhance both thermal and electrical conductivity for applications ranging from BGA's, buried vias or PCB's with microvia layers.

DuPont CB102 solventless via plug material With improved process capabilities for smaller diameter vias, this high performance via plug product is designed to planarize high density PCB's, enhancing both thermal and electrical conductivity for applications such as BGA's, buried vias and PCB's with microvia layers.

These CB Series product benefits include: 

  • Reduced Processing Steps
  • Additive Processing
  • Increased Yields

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