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DuPont Microcircuit Materials

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DuPont™ Fodel® photoimageable thick film pastes 

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LuxPrint® Electroluminescent Materials


Procesing Guide for DuPont™ LuxPrint® Electroluminescent Inks

  Conductors - Carbon

8144 LuxPrint® Carbon Conductor
8144N LuxPrint® Carbon Conductor for ITO

  Conductors - Silver

9145 LuxPrint® Silver Conductor

  Conductors - Translucent

7164 LuxPrint® Translucent Conductor 


8153  LuxPrint® High K Dielectric


8150B LuxPrint® High Brightness White Phosphor
8150L LuxPrint® Long Life White Phosphor
8152B LuxPrint® High Brightness Blue Green Phosphor 
8152L LuxPrint® Long Life Blue Green Phosphor
8154L LuxPrint® Long Life Yellow Green Phosphor


8155 LuxPrint® Medium

DuPont™ Flexible Display Materials 

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