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Hybrid Circuit Materials

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Hybrid on AlN


AlN Product Selector 
Conductors - Gold

ALN71 Gold Conductor 
Conductors - Silver

ALN11 Silver Conductor 
Conductors - Silver Palladium

ALN3310:1 Silver to Palladium Conductor
Conductors - Silver Platinum

ALN21 100:1 Silver to Platinum Conductor
ALN23 3:1 Silver to Platinum Conductor
Through Hole - Gold

TH035 Gold Through Hole Composition 
Through Hole - Silver Platinum

TH061 Silver Platinum Through Hole Composition 

Hybrid on Alumina


QM42 Design Guide 
QM44 Design Guide 

Conductors - Gold

4597 Solderable Gold Conductor
5062D, 5063D Gold Low Temperature Braze System
5715R Cadmium Free Wirebondable Gold Conductor
5771 Wirebondable Gold Conductor
QG150 Gold Conductor for Fine Conductor Features
Conductors - Platinum

9141 High TCR Platinum Conductor
Conductors - Silver

5081, 5082 Silver Low Temperature Braze System
6160 Mix Bonded Solderable Silver Conductor
7740 Thick Print for High Power Applications
QM14 Silver Conductor for QM42 & QM44 System 
Conductors - Silver Palladium

6134 6:1 Solderable Silver Palladium Conductor for 5704 System
6277V 6:1 Silver Palladium Through Hole Coat Conductor
7484 3:1 Silver Palladium Solderable Conductor
7484F 3:1 Silver Palladium Fine Line Conductor
QM22 Solderable 3:1 Silver Palladium Cofireable with QM44
Conductors - Silver Palladium Platinum
4093 Silver Palladium Platinum Composition 
4593 High Resistance to Solder Leaching and Ag Migration 
Conductors - Silver Platinum

9750, 9770 Silver Platinum Conductor
QM17 Silver Platinum for QM42 & QM44 System
QS171 Solderable/Wirebondable Silver Platinum Conductor
Through Hole - Gold

TH035 Gold Through Hole Composition
Through Hole - Silver Platinum

TH061 Silver Platinum Through Hole Composition
Via Fill - Silver Palladium

QM34 20:1 Silver to Palladium Via Fill
Via Fill - Silver Platinum

QM35 Transition Via Fill for QM42 or QM44 Systems


4141A Low K Dielectric
5704 Multilayer Insulating Dielectric
5951 Multilayer Interconnect Dielectric
6444 Multilayer Dielectric
Q42DP, Q51IP Diffusion Patterning Dielectric
QM42 Multilayer Dielectric for Mixed Metallurgy
QM44 Crystallizable Multilayer Dielectric


5415A Acid Resistant Encapsulant
QQ550 Cadmium Free Low Temperature Encapsulant
QQ620 Reactive Chemical Resistant Encapsulant


00X0 Premier Resistor Series
110X High Voltage Resistor Series
17 Birox® Resistor Series
2000 Series Resistors
509XD PTC Thermistor Series
7400 Series Resistors
QP60 Nitrogen Fired Resistor Series
QS87 Series Resistors
S1X0 Series Resistor for QM44 Multilayer


Hybrid - Lead Free*

* Lead is not an intentionally added ingredient. We do not test for trace amounts of lead in the finished product or finished product components. 
Lead Free Conductor - Silver

LF131 Lead Free Silver Conductor 
Lead Free Conductor - Silver Palladium

LF121 Lead Free 3:1 Silver Palladium Conductor
Lead Free Conductor - Silver Platinum

LF171 Lead Free Silver Platinum
Lead Free Dielectric

LF151 Lead Free Dielectric
LF152 Lead Free Crossover Dielectric
LF153 Lead Free Dielectric 
Lead Free Encapsulant

LF161 Lead Free, Cadmium Free Encapsulant
Lead Free Via Fill

LF181 Lead Free 20:1 Silver Palladium Via Fill 



Hybrid - Fodel®


Fodel® Selector Guide
Processing Fodel® Materials 
Conductor - Gold

5989 High Density Fodel® Gold Compositon 
Conductor - Silver

6778 High Density Fodel® Silver Compostion
Lead Free Conductor - Silver Platinum

Q170P High Density Fodel® Silver Platinum Composition

QM44F Fodel® Multilayer Dielectric 



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Hybrid on Steel (400 Stainless)


3500N Insulating Glaze