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DuPont Microcircuit Materials

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Materials for Printed Electronics

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  Printed Electronics Product Overview

DuPont™ Flexible Display Materials 

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LuxPrint® electroluminescent materials

  Conductors - Silver

9145 LuxPrint® Silver Conductor

  Conductors - Translucent

7164 LuxPrint® Translucent Conductor 


8153  LuxPrint® High K Dielectric


8150B LuxPrint® High Brightness White Phosphor
8150L LuxPrint® Long Life White Phosphor
8152B LuxPrint® High Brightness Blue Green Phosphor 
8152L LuxPrint® Long Life Blue Green Phosphor
8154L LuxPrint® Long Life Yellow Green Phosphor


8155 LuxPrint® Medium

Membrane Touch Switch Materials

  Conductors - Carbon

7102 Carbon Conductor 

  Conductors - Silver

5000 Silver Conductor for Low Voltage Applications
5025 Silver Conductor for Higher Temperature
5028 High Conductivity Fast Drying Silver Conductor


3571 Blend Member Dielectric
5018 UV Curable Dielectric
5018A Colorless UV Curable Dielectric
5018G Green UV Curable Dielectric
5036 Blend Member Dielectric compatible with 7102 and 7082 


7082 400 Ohm Resistor Ink 
7105 Highly Conductive Carbon Ink 

Materials for Printed Batteries 

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Specialty Silver Materials 

  Conductors - Silver
4817N Dip/Sprayable Plateable Thermoset Silver Conductor
4922N Brush/Band Plateable ThermosetSilver Conductor 
4929N Screen Printable Plateable Thermoset Silver Conductor 
5064 Silver Conductor 
5064H Screen Printed Silver Conductor 
5504N Screen Printable Plateable Thermoset Conductive Epoxy 
5815 Dip/Sprayable Thermoset Conductive Epoxy 

Screen Printed Inks for Printed Circuit Boards


CB Series Product Selector 
CB100 Trouble Shooting Guide 
CB102 Processing Guide 
CB500 Processing Guide 

  Conductors - Silver

CB028 Silver Conductor
CB100 Silver Via Fill 
CB102 Solventless Silver Via Fill 
CB500 Removable Conductive Silver Plating Link 

  Conductors - Copper

CB200 Copper Conductive Material
CB230 Silver Coated Copper Conductive Material

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Antennae Materials 


RFID Processing Guide 

  Conductors - Silver

5028 High conductivity Fast Drying Silver Conductor
5029 Smartcard Silver Conductor
5069 Water Based Silver Conductor 

Touch Sensor Materials 

  Conductors - Silver

7713 500C Fireable Silver Conductor
7723 Lead-free 500C Fireable Silver Conductor
9169 Low Temperature Silver Conductor for Adhesion to Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) 

5018 Blue UV Curable Dielectric