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Today’s smarter, more comfortable cars are enabled by electronics.  The number and level of sophistication of electronic systems in vehicles continues to increase, along with the need for materials that deliver high performance and cost-effective solutions to automotive OEMs and end users alike.  DuPont Microcircuit Materials (MCM) has developed a range of materials for automotive powertrain systems, safety and comfort, engineered to withstand extreme temperatures, high-impact, vibration and attack by corrosive fluids.  These materials are designed to deliver consistent, superior performance over long vehicle lifetimes.  Examples include:

Powertrain & Safety System Materials

  • DuPont MCM is a leading supplier of hybrid circuit materials for advanced electronic applications, with a broad selection of materials available for a variety of substrates.
  • DuPont™ GreenTape™ 9K7 low temperature co-fied ceramic (LTCC) material is a lead free* low loss glass ceramic dielectric tape for high frequency applications – from 60 gigahertz (GHz) and beyond - that includes compatible gold and silver conductors, plus co-fired embedded resistors for advanced high-frequency, microwave, and millimetre wave automotive applications for powertrain applications.
  • GreenTape™ 9K7 LTCC also enables advanced automotive RADAR systems that make key new safety systems possible, such as automatic blind spot detection, adaptive cruise control and parking assistance.
  • DuPont offers a range of lead-free*, high resolution and co-fired enamel offerings for Automotive Defoggers

Automotive Comfort Systems

Self-limiting seat heaters are a key emerging technology that employ high conductivity polymer thick film silver and carbon pastes that help ensure consistent, even seat heating in a simpler, more cost-effective system that eliminates the need for temperature sensors and controllers by design.

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* “Lead free” as used herein means that lead is not an intentional ingredient in and is not intentionally added to the referenced products. Trace amounts however may be present.

 Product Disclaimer: This site is a DuPont Microcircuit Materials Global website. However, there may be regional differences, and certain products or services may not be offered in all regions. Please contact your local DuPont representative to find out more about specific products or services available in your region.

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