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Consumer electronics come in a variety of forms. Digital cameras, televisions, smart phones and appliances are a few of the everyday products utilizing advanced thick film materials from DuPont Mircocircuit Materials. Today’s devices have far more functionality   than just a few short years ago. Calendering, digital photography, music, games, GSM, TDMA, Bluetooth and much more. The need to squeeze all this functionality into a single tight space has lead to major design challenges at a time when speed to market is critical. Integration of both passive and active components in a single, 3 dimensional space is key to meeting the performance demands of today’s consumer products. At DuPont Microcircuit Materials, we appreciate the growing demands of the electronics industry and continually drive new materials developments to meet these demands. Our technology roadmap incorporates future application trends to assure we develop new material systems that exceed our customer’s needs and will keep DuPont Microcircuit Materials on the cutting edge of technology for many years to come.

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Green Tape™ LTCC Allows for High I/O Counts in Chip Scale Package

BGA Using Integrated Components with Green Tapeā„¢ Makes Cell Phones Smaller and Lighter

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