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 Industrial settings are home for a variety of electronic products utilizing DuPont thick film materials such as frequency analizers, systems controllers, input devices and displays. Equipment used in the manufacture of advanced electronic systems for aircraft, automotive and consumer products are key to the performance and reliability we expect in products used in our daily lives. As one of the world's leading suppliers of materials to both the electronics and engineering industries, and in particular as a supplier of both ceramic and polymeric thick film materials, DuPont is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of a variety of developing markets.

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A wide range of materials is available that allows a choice of systems ranging from high performance applications to low cost alternatives for less demanding needs. And, as part of one of the world's largest chemical companies, DuPont Electronic Technologies has a long-established history of innovation.

Worldwide technical support is provided from the company's own technical service centers at Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, U.S.A., Bristol, U.K. and Yokohama, Japan, and Taiwan. And, all products are manufactured to ISO-9001:2001 international quality standards in Manati, Puerto Rico, Bristol, U.K.

Product Disclaimer: This site is a DuPont Microcircuit Materials Global website. However, there may be regional differences, and certain products or services may not be offered in all regions. Please contact your local DuPont representative to find out more about specific products or services available in your region.

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