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Ceramic interconnect technologies have long been the interconnect technology of choice in military and aerospace applications where size, performance and reliability are critical. Ceramic solutions are also widely used in high-volume automotive and telecommunications applications, where cost/performance tradeoffs are closely examined.

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Recent studies   have shown that for frequencies > 20 GHz, thick film conductors patterned on high-thermal-conductivity, 96% alumina substrates have lower attenuation than more costly thin film conductor interconnects patterned on 99.5% alumina substrates. In addition, these same studies have shown that the DuPont Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic (LTCC) Green Tape™ material system has lower attenuation than conventional laminate materials, such as FR-4 over the frequency range 0.5-20 GHz. Use of silver or gold conductors, and the capability for integrating inductors, capacitors and resistors into the substrate provide further options for Military, Aerospace, Automotive and many other consumer applications.

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Case Study
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Materials Technology Collaboration Provides Life-Saving Benefits Kapton® RS polyimide film and DuPont conductor pastes provide critical heating capability even in the most challenging field environments. Red Arrow Image