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DuPont Microcircuit Materials

Passive Components

DuPont is a global supplier of resistive and capacitive materials for the electronic components market. You can find components made from DuPont Microcircuit Materials in a variety of products used in everyday life such as computers, PDA’s, cell phones, displays and gaming stations to mention a few. From complex computing to video games, electronic components made with products from DuPont provide superior performance, functionality, and reliability over time.

 Product Disclaimer: This site is a DuPont Microcircuit Materials Global website. However, there may be regional differences, and certain products or services may not be offered in all regions. Please contact your local DuPont representative to find out more about specific products or services available in your region.

Case Study

Green Tapeā„¢ Aids Passive Component Integration in Miniature Band Pass

CTS band pass filter reduces board space, solder joints, and assembly time.

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