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Networking and Mentoring Make the Difference

Mentoring Program

Most successful professionals have mentors to help them succeed. The MLDP gives participants a head start at the highest levels in the corporation. During your first months in the program, you are grouped into cohorts of three and assigned two formal mentors. These mentors are accomplished and successful individuals in DuPont at the Director or VPGM level who are interested in seeing both the program and you succeed. Mentors usually provide assistance in problem solving, orientation and career development, but many times go further as your relationship evolves.

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Business Network

Being part of the MLDP opens many doors. As part of a premier program, you have access to a vast network of assignment managers and professionals throughout the company. Program participants spend a portion of their time networking, meeting people, identifying ways in which they can add value to the corporation and jump-starting their careers.


When you join the MLDP, you have the opportunity to develop a network of program members and alumni deployed in many businesses throughout the world. You have the opportunity to build and develop relationships that will help you be successful. Peer-to-peer networking is not only done during business hours. Program participants often meet after work on the driving range for a round of golf, on the tennis courts, etc.