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Electrical Equipment & Components

DuPont makes a wide range of materials used in electrical equipment that are available to you. These include varnishes, wire enamels, thermoplastic resins used in coil bobbins and encapsulation, aramid papers and pressboard products, and films.

DuPont Engineering Polymers

Kapton® polyimide films

KEVLAR® aramid fiber

Krytox® lubricant

Melinex® PET polyester film

Mylar® PET polyester film

NOMEX® fibers

NOMEX® electrical insulation

Personal Protective Apparel and Accessories

Teflon® surface coatings

Tefzel® ETFE copolymer

Tyzor® organic titanates

Vertrel® specialty fluids

Vespel® parts and shapes

Zonyl® fluoroadditives