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DuPont Genting Plantations Collaboration 2012

2010 Global Media Briefing

Leaders Bios

Ellen J. Kullman

Ellen J. Kullman
Chair of the Board & Chief Executive Officer
James C. Borel James C. Borel
Executive Vice President
James C. Collins James C. Collins
President – DuPont Crop Protection
Thomas M. Connelly Thomas M. Connelly, Jr.
Executive Vice President & Chief Innovation Officer 
Nicholas C. Fanandakis Nicholas C. Fanandakis
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer 
Linda J. Fisher Linda J. Fisher
VP - DuPont Safety, Health & Environment,
Chief Sustainability Officer 
Karen A. Fletcher Karen A. Fletcher
Vice President - DuPont Investor Relations
Douglas W. Muzyka Douglas W. Muzyka
Senior VP and Chief Science & Technology Officer
Paul E. Schickler Paul E. Schickler
President - Pioneer Hi-Bred
Paul E. Schickler Gary W. Spitzer
President – DuPont Chemicals & Fluoroproducts
Paul E. Schickler Mark P. Vergnano
Executive Vice President