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Philippines Introduces Mango Protective Suit -- Putting Science to Work

Philippines, September 5, 2007

A mango spraying protective suit was formally introduced during the first Mango Producers Conference, sponsored by the DuPont Crop Protection, in the Philippines.

The suit attracted great interest from various stakeholders in the mango industry, including representatives from government agencies, mango growers, mango exporters as well as pesticides and fertilizer manufacturers.

“As part of our commitment to product stewardship, the field development team in the Philippines developed a protective suit to address the pesticide exposure of mango spray operators. It also provides better protection from spray mists, drips and vapors during mango spraying,” said Rodel Macatula, registration and development manager for, DuPont Asean/Philippines.

The protective suit plans to include DuPont Crop Protection products such as Punch SE™. Continuous research is being conducted to further improve the design.