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DuPont: Creating a culture of innovation

Philippines, July 25, 2007

The name DuPont is still unfamiliar to many Filipinos, but a cellular phone contains up to 14 DuPont products that help make smaller, lighter and more reliable handheld device. That’s because cellular phone manufacturers source the raw materials used to make these essential gadgets from the company. That’s right - DuPont is an integral part of a Filipino’s everyday activities, whether one realizes it or not.

Starting out

DuPont began over 200 years ago as gunpowder mill along the shores of the Brandywine River in Delaware, USA. Founded by a young French immigrant named Eleuthère Irénée du Pont de Nemours, the company flourished, and began seeking to expand its market by diversifying its offerings in the early 1900s.

As time went by, DuPont began to explore other areas of industrial growth, establishing its first research facility in 1911. Manned by scientists and engineers, the facility was the first step towards the commitment of DuPont to scientific research as a basis for its product development. It was here that the company’s first synthetic fabric product, Fabrikoid, was perfected. A faux-leather fabric, it soon became the material of choice of upholsterers across the nation. Today, Fabrikoid is the choice of material for quality book coverings, protecting the legacy of knowledge for generations to come.

Following this success, the company continued to invest in more research facilities. Cultivating a company culture geared towards innovation and discovery, DuPont strategically transformed its business from chemicals, materials and energy to a science-based products and services company.

Today, the company operates more than 40 research and development and customer service labs in the United States, and more than 35 labs in 11 other countries, each on a mission to make sustainable solutions essential to a better, safer and healthier life for people everywhere.

DuPont in the Philippines

DuPont came to the Philippines in 1973, as Du Pont Far East Inc.-Philippines. Its core markets include Agriculture and Nutrition, Building Specialties, Automotive, Food, Beverage and Packaging, Industrial/Chemicals and Electronics.

DuPont has three central operating plants in the Philippines to date: an IMS certified (ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004) Crop Protection plant in Carmelray Laguna, an ISO 900s certified is the Pioneer corn seed plant in South Cotabato, and a performance coatings office and training center which supports the local training program of DuPont for its customers and jobbers.

Reinventing and redefining life as we know it

DuPont holds over 34,000 patents, most of which are for components that play an important part in making living comfortable. For instance, the sealant keeping a child’s jelly snack preserves its freshness and taste. Another such example is the non-stick coating for cookware that makes a fat-free and oil-free cooking possible.

Each DuPont product is created with the intention of making the world a better, healthier, and safer place to live in. DuPont manufactures materials which are used to produce personal protective apparel such as those used by firefighters and policemen.

Take, for example, the DuPont™ NOMEX® brand fiber. The DuPont™ NOMEX® brand fiber is an inherently flame-resistant, high-temperature fiber which is essential for protective gear used in industries where exposure to extreme heat and flame is a possibility. NOMEX® offers outstanding thermal protection, a material that won’t melt and drip or support combustion in the air. Furthermore, the protection offered by NOMEX® is permanent — it cannot be washed out or worn away.

Today, protective apparel made from NOMEX® brand fiber consists of helmets, boots, gloves, hoods , station wear, and EMS apparel,, all of which are lighter, softer, and more flexible and breathable than most other industrial apparel fabrics. As a result, workers are more comfortable on the job, and safer, too, since dexterity and efficiency are not compromised.

Fueled by the same drive that inspired Eleuthère Irénée du Pont to search tirelessly for a way to improve the company’s main product hundreds of years ago, DuPont continuously pushes the boundaries of science, discovering new and better ways of doing things. It has thrown itself wholeheartedly into the building of a brighter, better future for people everywhere, and uses science as a formidable tool in this endeavor.

Using science to safeguard the future

The ability to adapt to change and the foundation of unending scientific inquiry has enabled DuPont to become one of the world's most innovative companies. But, in the face of constant change, innovation and discovery, its core values have remained constant: safety and health, environmental stewardship, highest ethical behavior, and respect for people.

Even before it became fashionable to create an environmentally friendly company, DuPont was already a pioneer in the green movement. The company released its first statement of environmental responsibility in 1938 and assigned an engineer whose sole duty was to monitor, manage, and reduce the pollutants produced in the company’s operations.

As part of its commitment to the environment, DuPont has set Sustainability Goals for 2015 – a series of goals and action plans that seek to tie the company’s business growth even more directly to the development of safer and environmentally approved new products for the global market. In line with this, DuPont has integrated environmental stewardship into every aspect of its operations, from R&D to manufacturing to marketing.

DuPont is also recognized globally for its significant contributions to environmental protection. In 2005, Business Week magazine, in conjunction with The Climate Group, a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing business and government leadership on climate change, ranked DuPont as No.1 among their list of “The Top Green Companies”. “Our goal is zero” for all core values, the company proclaims, and follows this declaration with positive action that inspires even its employees to bring these values home with them.


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