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Car care at its finest from DuPont

Philippines, September 26, 2007

A new breed of car owners has dominated the motoring scene. Younger, upwardly mobile, and always on the go, they take the sensible route to maintaining their car’s appearance, willing to spend more money for quality car care.

With the fast paced lifestyle most Filipinos have today, a lot of car owners no longer have time to wash and wax their cars themselves. They are, however, willing to pay professionals to take care of their vehicles instead of letting the cars deteriorate needlessly. This new demand has lead to the increasing number and popularity of car spas in and around the metropolis. Today, even in mall parking areas, “blue boys” or carwash attendants are now a common sight. For a few hundred pesos customers can have their cars washed and waxed as they enjoy their shopping. Nowadays, car enthusiasts want to pamper their vehicle, and oftentimes, this means availing of high quality services from professionals who use top-end car care products.

To better serve the car fanatic, DuPont has recently launched its own line of car care products. After conducting extensive market testing, DuPont presents a new range of polishes and waxes that promise not only high sheen gloss and lustrous finish, but also outstanding overall protection.

Buffing with DuPontTM Car Care polishes after a refinishing job or an annual detailing job will help extend paint life, protect it from minor scratches and dust, and achieve a distinctive high gloss. DuPont™ Car Care waxes on the other hand, are used on fully cured paint jobs (more than a month old) to protect the paint finish and maintain superior gloss and luster.

Simply put, “DuPont knows what’s best for DuPont paint.” Known for its quality and durability, DuPont paints are tougher and harder than most brands available in the market. These characteristics make polishing or detailing a difficult task for other paint-finishing brands to bring out the paint’s optimum shine. The DuPont™ Car Care line is specifically designed to make the paint polishing process fast and easy, allowing body shops and car spas to provide quicker detailing services.

For more product information, contact DuPont Refinish Training Center at (632) 641-9128


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Public Affairs Coordinator
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