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A cool innovation: environment-friendly refrigerants

Philippines, October 1, 2007

The year 1930’s marked the birth of the fluorocarbon industry. DuPont registered Freon® as its trademark for fluorocarbons. A year later, Freon® 12 was being produced in commercial quantities and, because of its inherent safety characteristics, is made available to the entire refrigeration industry. In succeeding years, DuPont introduced a series of commercial Freon® products: CFC-11, CFC-114, CFC-113 and hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC)-22.

With evolving scientific evidence suggesting a link between increasing emissions of CFCs and potential future ozone loss, an international agreement is reached in 1987, the Montreal Protocol, which requires a 50 percent decrease in CFC consumption over a 10- year period. In March 1988, 10 days after the International Ozone Trends Panel releases its summary report linking the "ozone hole" and, potentially, seasonal ozone losses in the northern hemisphere to CFCs, DuPont unilaterally committed to phase out CFC production through an orderly transition to alternatives.

Accelerating a process that normally takes 15 to 20 years to develop, test and commercialize, DuPont spends over $500 million and takes only four years to introduce the first in a series of alternatives. In January 1991, DuPont was the pioneer company to launch a family of refrigerant alternatives that met performance, safety and environmental criteria and could be used in existing as well as new equipment, thus minimizing the transition cost to thousands of businesses and consumers around the world.

DuPont™ Suva® refrigerants provide high-performance alternatives for automotive, residential and commercial air-conditioning systems, home refrigerators, supermarket display cases and other commercial refrigeration uses.

With DuPont™ Suva® refrigerants, manufacturers, service technicians and owners of air conditioning and refrigeration equipments can expect improved air conditioner reliability, safety and comfort.

The innovative refrigerants can enhance personal comfort, improve industrial processes and enable food and medicine preservation while reducing its impact on the environment, particularly the ozone layer.

For its pioneering efforts in leading the global phase-out of CFCs and developing alternative refrigerants, DuPont was awarded the United States’ National Medal of Technology, the highest honor for technological innovation in the U.S.

In the Philippines, the Philippine Ozone Desk of the Environment Management Bureau recently awarded DuPont with the Ozone Layer Champion Award for its contribution and support in ensuring the success of the national ODS phase-out program and advocating the protection of the ozone layer.

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