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DuPont and the Philippine Chamber of Food Manufacturers Address Food Security Issues

Philippines, Makati, May 20, 2014

Hsing Ho, managing director, DuPont ASEAN was in the Philippines today discussing the issue of food security that impacted the country. The discussion took place during the Philippine Food Security Forum (the “Forum”) which was jointly hosted by DuPont and the Philippine Chamber of Food Manufacturers Inc. (the “Chamber”). A paper titled “Relevance of Nutrition to Food Security” was also presented by Professor Dr. Tee E-Siong, president; the Nutrition Society of Malaysia at the Forum which was attended by over 50 members and leaders of the Chamber.

In his opening speech, Hsing said “As part of our commitment to food security, DuPont commissioned the Economist Intelligence Unit (“EIU”) to develop the Global Food Security Index (the “Index”) as a comprehensive measurement tool that addresses the need for specific metrics to illustrate what food security looks like at the local level country by country and globally. What gets measured, get done.”

Hsing added that the latest 2014 Index indicated that global food security declines as food prices increases. Food security fell in nearly 70% of countries in the first quarter of 2014 as the global price of grains, sugar and other farm commodities rose at the fastest pace in 18 months, according to EIU’s Global Food Security Index.

Ramon S. Abadilla, managing director; DuPont Philippines said in his speech, “DuPont believes that there is a science to feed the growing population.  Together, we can accomplish what no one can do alone. Through collaboration and working on the following principles, we can provide solutions to make the world a better place.”

  • Solutions must be local;
  • Science must become local wisdom;
  • Sustainability is key.

To learn more about how DuPont is committed to driving food security efforts locally, sustainably and collaboratively, visit

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