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DuPont Singapore Sakra Plant received 10th BOD award

Singapore, February 1, 2007

DuPont Singapore Sakra Plant qualified for the Board of Directors (BOD) Safety Award for the 10th time and at the same time, received its 5th year recordable injury free days, totaling 74,6944 man-hours since the last injury in 2001. This is the longest string of injury free days in the history of the plant operation. The team successfully completed the year with no “on-the-job” lost work case injuries and achieved the goal of ZERO case in total recordable injury.

KT Khong, DuPont Singapore Zytel® Plant Manager and Hsing Ho, Managing Director of DuPont Singapore, presenting the BOD award to the employees at a dinner celebration.

Sakra Plant has continuously improved its performance and has the best in class uptime and quality metrics globally within DuPont. Sakra is also recognized as one of the best house-kept plants among Engineering Polymer Operations in Asia Pacific since 2005.

"We achieved 'zero injuries and incidents' for the last five years and we intend to keep "the goal zero" for more years to come," said K T Khong, Plant Manager at Sakra. "The major contributor to the record is through the employee engagement and leadership commitment. We have the systems, skills and the will to achieve many more years of 'goal zero' in safety."