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17th July, 2008
Remarks by Hsing Ho, Managing Director, DuPont Singapore, On Plant Opening Ceremony for Vespel® in Singapore:

"Mr. Lim Siong Guan, Chairman, Economic Development Board, Diane, Distinguished Customers and Partners, Fellow Colleagues, Ladies and Gentlemen:

Two year ago, I stood on a piece of virgin land and participated in the ground breaking ceremony for the Vespel ® Tuas Facility. Today, I am proud and excited to share with you this happy moment of celebrating its opening. 

DuPont Singapore was established in 1973.  Since the 1980s, DuPont has built a number of manufacturing plants in Singapore – some of them have since been divested. This facility is actually the first since we completed our Zytel® engineering resins plant on Jurong Island in 1995. With the addition of the high performance Vespel ® parts and shapes to our product offerings, we look forward to serving our regional and global customers better while expanding our customer base.

To ensure world class standards, the Singapore Vespel ® plant is equipped with state of the art process technology and manufacturing controls. In addition, a year prior to the plant opening, process technicians received intensive training at Vespel ® production facilities in the United States and Japan. A cadre of experienced people from DuPont in Asia will lead the manufacturing, quality and supply chain management, utilizing DuPont’s lean manufacturing process.  

We are happy that Singapore has been chosen as the plant site for Vespel®. 

Efficient logistics infrastructure, competitive labor force, strong IP protection, multiple Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) with key countries are contributing factors that make Singapore an ideal choice for the project.  We also received strong support from the EDB team. 

In the past two years, DuPont Singapore has experienced encouraging growth both in terms of revenue and people. Implementation of the Vespel ® plant further supports our asset growth. We expect our commitment to Singapore to grow stronger and farther. Supported by a stable government with a vision, strong GDP fundamentals and a business friendly environment here, we are optimistic of a sustainable healthy growth for DuPont in the coming years.

I want to congratulate the Vespel® team again.  Thank you for your hard work to put the plant into operation. It symbolizes a major step in the development of DuPont Singapore.

Thank you."