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DuPont News, August 10, 2011

DuPont Achieves GE Ecomagination Award

To recognize DuPont Dordrecht for its noteworthy reductions in water consumption, chemicals and waste, General Electric Power & Water has awarded the site the GE Ecomagination Leadership Award.

The award recognizes the achievements of industrial users that significantly surpass and improve environmental and industrial operational goals while balancing industrial demands. DuPont Dordrecht received the award for the second time; the first award was received in 2007.

“DuPont’s commitment shows that increasingly what's good for the environment can also be good for business,” said Jeff Fulgham, chief sustainability officer of water and process technologies for GE Power & Water. “With the financial return from this project, DuPont Dordrecht proved that water conservation also can have a positive impact on operational costs. The company's pioneering leadership has set an example for others to aspire to and follow.”

DuPont Dordrecht achieved an annual reduction of 100,000 m³ (cubic meters) of fresh water intake, decreasing the water footprint by improving efficiency at the site’s cooling tower. This reduction of fresh water is equivalent to the water consumed by more than 700 average Dutch households.

The project also improved safety at the site by reducing acid deliveries by truck from 130 to only 15 per year, which has a positive impact by reducing CO2 emissions.

Cooling water systems are essential to the company’s production facilities and can require a considerable amount of water. Through a comprehensive water management assessment and by implementing a water treatment program and sophisticated dosing system, the project managed to reduce chloride concentration in the intake cooling water, almost doubling overall system efficiency.

“In addition to supporting our sustainability goals, this technology will allow us to run a more efficient operation,” said Gordon Tait, site manager of DuPont Dordrecht. “It also will help us protect critical assets from corrosion, deposition and biological fouling.”