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DuPont News, December 16, 2011

Horizons Completes Season One

DuPont is proud to sponsor “Horizons” on BBC World News. Over the last six months, host Adam Shaw has been on a global journey to meet the people behind the business ideas that will affect how we consume energy, tackle food and water scarcity and beat major pandemics in the future. Episode 20 – the last in the program’s season one – ran last weekend.  Here’s a brief recap.

Episode Recap – Brazil: Monitoring Deforestation.

About 30% of our planet’s landmass is covered in trees, but in the past few decades, the increasing global population has created pressure to clear forests. In fact, there are more than 4 billion hectares of forest globally, but throughout the past decade, 13 million hectares have been cleared each year. And since 1970, 20% of the world’s largest rainforest, the Amazon, has been cut down.

The “Horizons” series concluded its season one journey by visiting the Brazilian Amazon rainforest to examine the innovations in the relationship between nature and business. Presenter Adam Shaw met business leaders in the Amazon who are developing new sustainability projects, ecosystem services and technology to help prevent deforestation over the next decade. Adam had the opportunity to meet an Amazonian tribe that faces extinction if mining companies, large-scale loggers and small-scale farmers continue to cut down the heart of the forest. Other featured companies included Brazil National Institute for Space Research and Alianca da Terra.

Where Can I Find "Horizons"?

"Horizons" episodes are broadcast at different times worldwide.  For those who can't see "Horizons" on TV, portions of past episodes can be viewed at You can also follow Adam's travels through and @HorizonsBiz.

"Horizons" episodes seen on TV include DuPont mini-documentaries – examples of DuPont and partners working together to develop solutions for food, fuel and protection. You can see DuPont mini-documentaries that have been aired on