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DuPont News, March 15, 2011

New 'Horizons' Television Series Explores Future of Business

DuPont has announced a new partnership with BBC World News and to showcase a multi-platform television series exploring the business world of the future. “Horizons” is part of our global collaboratory and combines with our National Geographic partnership to take our message of innovation from the pages of magazines to a world-wide television audience.

The BBC World News will air the 20-episode series of 30-minute programs beginning in early May and running throughout the year. The programs will examine the future of business, looking at the companies around the world that are likely to be making the greatest impact in influencing the way the world will live and work in the future. Each program also will feature a two-minute mini-documentary highlighting a DuPont business collaboration that truly exemplifies inclusive innovation.

Mark Vergnano
“DuPont is proud to be involved in a partnership that highlights collaborative business innovation from a global vantage point,” said Mark Vergnano, executive vice president – DuPont. “The BBC has the reputation and integrity to tell these stories in a way that will educate, entertain and maybe even inspire.”

Paul Gibbs, senior commissioner at BBC Global News, said, “‘Horizons’ will offer a glimpse of what the future holds for us all, by looking at the businesses that are testing the boundaries of science and technology. It’s a global series, and we’ll be visiting companies across the world to uncover the ones with the most interesting, intriguing and advanced products and ideas.”

The series will be supported on the digital landscape in a variety of ways so that audiences can see behind-the-scenes footage from the shows as they are created around the world and learn more about the problem-solving might of inclusive innovation.

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