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DuPont News, November 23, 2011

Doing Dirty Work

DuPont Protection Technologies recently had some fun with an online contest to find out who does the dirtiest work while wearing Tyvek® garments to help stay safe and clean on the job.

For the “Dirty Work” Photo Contest, entrants were asked to submit original photos of themselves wearing a Tyvek® garment after completing their “dirty work.” Entries were judged based on a variety of criteria including how well the Tyvek® garment and “dirty work” were portrayed in the photo.

The winners were Joel Turner of Ontario, Canada; Robert Maddox of DeRidder, La. (U.S.), Dennis Rains of Hixson, Tenn. (U.S.), and James White of Gonzales, Texas (U.S.)

“My job is very dirty – spraying fireproofing material on steel,” said Joel Turner, the grand prize winner. “The mud we spray gets everywhere and it is wet, thick, and can harm your skin. In my job, I help keep buildings safe from collapse in case of fire. In turn, Tyvek® is my lifesaver. It helps keep me dry and limits the amount of harmful sludge that contacts my skin.”

Robert Maddox was the first-prize winner for his photo taken in a hooded Tyvek® coverall, hard hat and gloves after cleaning a rail car. The job was so dirty the operator had to spend six hours vacuuming material from the car.  

Runner-up Dennis Rains was covered nearly head to toe after cleaning out solids precipitated from a sulfuric acid pickling tank, and runner-up James White submitted a photo of himself after changing out drums on the job at an oil refinery.