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DuPont News, October 6, 2010

The Wall Street Journal Recognizes DuPont with 2010 Technology Innovation Award

The BAX® System real-time PCR assay quickly and accurately detects E coli O157:H7 in beef and produce.

Out of nearly 600 entries, DuPont was one of just 49 winners in the recent The Wall Street Journal 2010 Technology Innovation Awards.  DuPont Qualicon’s BAX® system was named as a runner-up in the Medicine-Biotech category for two pathogen detection tests that were introduced in 2009.

As a way to address food safety issues, the BAX® system is used to detect pathogens or other organisms in raw ingredients, finished products and environmental samples.

The detection tests introduced in 2009 were:

  • A new test for simultaneously detecting three pathogenic species of Vibrio bacteria in fish and shellfish.
  • A highly superior test for a strain of E. coli called O157:H7 in beef and fresh produce, such as spinach and lettuce.

“We’re extremely honored to have the BAX® System recognized as groundbreaking technology in the fight for global food safety,” said Marcos Cantharino, global business director – DuPont Qualicon.

Both of these tests are designed to work on the automated BAX® System, a computerized method for detecting the DNA of specific microorganisms.  Food processing companies around the world rely on the BAX® system to enhance efficiency in production environments, reduce recalls of contaminated products and help protect consumers from foodborne illness.