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DuPont News , October 11, 2011

DuPont Continues to Shrink Environmental Footprint

DuPont’s recent 2011 Sustainability Progress Report shows the company’s environmental footprint continues to shrink. DuPont delivered a 75% decrease in greenhouse gas emissions and a 6% reduction in absolute energy use since 1990, while increasing production 40% during that same period*.

Increasingly, DuPont is focused on helping businesses integrate sustainability as a growth strategy, which is highlighted by an annual customer survey that shows an increased demand for products with environmental benefits.

“While reducing our footprint continues to be important, our growing focus is on how to use DuPont science and innovation to bring new products to the marketplace that improve efficiencies and sustainability throughout the entire value chain,” said Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer Linda J. Fisher.  “We see DuPont having an expanded role to provide sustainable solutions to our customers around the world as population dramatically increases.”

A DuPont Annual Customer Sustainability survey of more than 3,500 customers, conducted in August 2011, showed they want safer materials, a reduction in water and energy use in manufacturing, and improved environmental profiles throughout the lifetime of their products.  Customers indicated a 7% increase in green job creation from the design and manufacturing of products with environmental benefits.  Overall, 28% said their businesses saw an increase in new green jobs over last year.  And two-thirds believe environmental benefits in products will continue to have a positive impact on job creation over the next five years.

Last year, DuPont generated revenues of $1.6 billion from products that help its customers and their consumers reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  Much of the increase came from revenue growth in key areas like photovoltaics and from engineering polymers used in light-weighting of vehicles.  DuPont estimates that these products have reduced greenhouse gas emissions throughout the supply chain by more than 6.5 million metric tons between 2007 and 2010. 

Since 1990, DuPont’s own energy reduction has declined 6%, resulting in a $6 billion savings in energy purchases, and enabled the company to exceed its 2010 goal to hold total energy use flat.  The new goal for 2020 is to reduce non-renewable energy use by 10% per dollar of price adjusted revenue by 2020.

* 75% includes reductions made while DuPont owned Invista.