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DuPont launches new insect control tool for rice farmers

Quang Ninh, March 27, 2009

DuPont Crop Protection recently launched DuPont™ Prevathon™ powered by Rynaxypyr™ in Vietnam.  This new insect control tool optimizes rice and vegetable farmers’ potential to produce high-quality, high-yielding crops through long-lasting control of damaging pests. Prevathon™ is registered for use on rice and cabbage in Vietnam.

Symbolizing a good rice harvest, dancers perform a special presentation during the launch of Prevathon® insecticides in Vietnam.

“The registration of DuPont™ Prevathon® marks the beginning of a new horizon in rice pest control for farmers in Vietnam,” said Le Dat Thanh, General Manager, DuPont Crop Protection Vietnam. “Stem borers or leaf folders have caused very serious damage to rice crops from north to south. Vietnamese farmers have tried many insecticides that have become less effective through the years as pests built up resistance to products in the market. DuPont now brings a highly targeted crop protection solution for rebuilding the livelihoods of rice farmers across the country.”

With its new mode of action, DuPont™ Prevathon® is capable of controlling pests resistant to other insecticides, while selectively conserving beneficial insects like bees and lady bugs – thus making it an excellent addition to Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs.

When DuPont™ Prevathon® is applied on crops, pests quickly stop feeding, and farmers experience nearly immediate crop protection. The product is long lasting and rainfast, meaning it works under a range of growing conditions.


The U.S.-based Research & Development magazine honored Rynaxypyr®, the key ingredient of Prevathon®, as one of the 100 most innovative new products introduced in 2008. Rynaxypyr® sets a new standard for insecticides because of its high efficacy matched with an excellent environmental profile with respect to mammals, fish and birds. With its favorable profile and recommended low use rates, DuPont™ Prevathon® insecticide, powered by Rynaxypyr®, makes a sound choice for growers, farm workers and the environment.


“DuPont will continue to reinvent itself in the agricultural marketplace. Whether it’s launching new products from our promising pipeline or developing new answers to the changing needs of today’s farmers, we are building momentum in our strategy to advance agriculture and enhance sustainable food production and security,” added Le Dat Thanh.


The registration of DuPont™ Prevathon® is a key milestone in bringing the benefits of products powered by Rynaxypr® to Vietnamese rice farmers. The first sales of the new insecticide were recorded in 2007 in the Philippines and Indonesia. To date, products powered by Rynaxypyr® have been registered in over twenty countries around the world.


In Vietnam, DuPont™ Prevathon® insecticide is available as a suspension concentrate (SC) in 15-ml sachets for rice crop applications and in 25-ml sachets for vegetables. It is registered for use on rice and cabbages in Vietnam.