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DuPont shares Sustainability Model as Best Business Practice in Vietnam

HCM City, December 4, 2009

With decades of integrating the country into international trade, Vietnam is now facing the challenge on its efforts on how to address environmental issues in parallel with economic growth and social advancement to ensure sustainable development.

As a member of Vietnam business community, DuPont sees the opportunity to co-operate to overcome the challenge and recently organizes a Sustainability Forum sharing its strategy, challenges and solutions to the audience in Ho Chi Minh City. They come from public and private institutions gathering together to discuss how to collaborate for a sustainable Vietnam.

A wide variety of subjects were discussed in the Sustainability Forum. They spread from application of science and technology to research on sustainability, developing clean products, reduction of greenhouse effects, and waste management to the role of social science in responding to climate change.

Assistant Professor, Dr. Le Quang Minh, Vice President, Vietnam National University, HCMC, the event co-organizer, cited that the economic development in Vietnam is a challenge to sustainability. However, he sees opportunities in renewable energy including biofuel, wind and solar power. “There are many opportunities with the government and nature on sustainability. It is critical that we work together on a smooth and collaborative process, and to learn from best practices, to accomplish the sustainability goals.”

Carl Lukach, President DuPont East Asia, while sharing the sustainability journey of DuPont in his keynote speech said that “DuPont has been embarking on safety and environment protection for decades, before sustainability became an important subject in today’s business world. We have current products and new technologies under development that can help Vietnam achieve its sustainable development goals. We are expanding our operation in Vietnam and look forward to creating new partnerships and collaborations.”

Country manager of DuPont Vietnam, Mr.Tan Lam Chuan addressed the impact of this forum that “With our long history and knowledge in sustainability, we impressed people from government, academics, trade associations and NGOs and have laid a strong foundation for supporting business growth of DuPont in Vietnam for the years ahead.”

Panelists on Sustainability Forum


Carl Lukach, DuPont East Asia President was delivering
the keynote speech.