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The 2nd National Workshop on Environment and Sustainable Development

Hanoi, November 13, 2010

Hanoi, November 13, 2010. Today, the 2nd National Workshop on Environment and Sustainable Development is organized by the Centre for Natural Resources and Environmental Studies (CRES), with the support from Vietnam National University and DuPont Vietnam Limited.

There are more than 150 participants attending the workshop. They are from government agencies; local authorities; national parks and protected areas authorities; universities; institutes and research centers and NGOs related to the environmental protection and sustainable development. Many TV and publications correspondents also attend the workshop. The Conference has received around 40 scientific reports and presentations focusing on three main areas of Sustainable Development, Biodiversity Conservation and Climate Change, in which 13 reports have been presented and discussed at the workshop.

Hsing Ho, Chairman of DuPont Vietnam was delivering the presentation 
"Organizing scientific conferences is an annual activity of CRES. However, this year workshop has a significant meaning because this is one of the activities to commemorate the 25th years anniversary of the Center", said Dr. Hoang Van Thang, Director of CRES. As one of the leading organization on research, training, consultation, and services in the fields of natural resources, environmental protection, biodiversity conservation, and sustainable development, CRES has many achievements in research and training scientists; managers who are expertise in environmental protection; biodiversity conservation; climate change adaptation and sustainable development.

According Dr. Hoang Van Thang, "The Conference is not only an occasion to present latest research results in the field of natural resources, environmental protection and sustainable development, but also the opportunity to summarize research activities throughout 25 years of development of the Centre, and this is a good opportunity for CRES to strengthen collaboration and cooperation with other agencies both local and international."

Speaking at the seminar, Mr. Hsing Ho, Chairman of DuPont Vietnam, the co-sponsor of the workshop, "DuPont has been known as the most successful innovative companies in the world.  We are named among 50 most innovative companies by Technology Review Magazine in 2010.  In addition to our science and innovation capabilities, DuPont also has a 208-year of legacy of core values, rooted strongly in safety, health and environmental stewardship, the key ingredients of sustainability.  DuPont began the sustainability journey when we made our first statement on environmental responsibilities for more than 70 years ago in 1938.  DuPont was one of the first companies to publicly establish environmental goals in 1989.  Our focus at that time was on our emissions to the environment.  Since then we have continued to strengthen and broaden our goals, as our vision of sustainability evolved.  In 2006, we expanded our sustainability commitments beyond our footprint reduction to include market-driven targets for both revenue and research and development investment.”

This is the second of many more to come that DuPont participates in sustainability initiatives in Vietnam.  DuPont cooperated with Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City to organize the first sustainability forum in Ho Chi Minh City in 2009 and now in Hanoi. Such activities have proven the close collaboration between business and university. DuPont is happy to see sustainability gaining momentum in Vietnam and want to contribute more to the country.

“As sustainability is integrated into the businesses of DuPont, we are looking at opportunities to collaborate with local business and government bodies. DuPont can share more case studies in terms of sustainability, backed by our market-driven science innovation and investments in R&D.  In 2009, DuPont had invested in R&D globally at $1.4 billion,” said Mr. Hsing Ho.