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The Science of Medical Materials

DuPont's role as a materials supplier to medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers is to help enable cost-effective production of devices and packaging that meet design, approval and manufacturing control requirements. Often, it is not the most exotic but rather the most predictable and most thoroughly tested material that gets chosen for devices or packaging in this segment.

In many categories of medical device material, DuPont not only invented the category but also helped get the materials listed in Drug Master Files and related information systems. Science continues to advance materials testing, quality assurance measures and end-use or production modeling capability.

Many of the DuPont materials available to health care manufacturers have been in continuous use for more than 40 years, resulting in well documented success and repeatability. DuPont is well versed in 6 sigma and other defect reduction methods, and routinely manages its materials production for minimal dispruption to established customer manufacturing programs.