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Why DuPont™ Tyvek® delivers trusted protection
Since its introduction to the industry more than 40 years ago, DuPont™ Tyvek® brand protective material has been recognized as a standard of excellence for medical packaging.
Tyvek® is a sheet of flash spun and bonded high-density polyethylene filaments (HDPE). Continuous strands of very fine, interconnected filaments, randomly oriented and thermo-bonded together.

The unique structure of Tyvek® gives it inherent advantages over other materials. In test after test, Tyvek® consistently outperforms medical-grade papers.
Outstanding resistance to microbial penetration
Microbial barrier test data consistently proves that Tyvek® holds out bacterial spores and test particles better than other porous packaging materials - even under the most rigorous conditions. Tyvek® helps to maintain sterility till the point of use.
Compatibility with a broad range of sterilization methods
Only DuPont™ Tyvek® is compatible with all of the most commonly used sterilization methods.
Significant reduced risk of package failure
The tough, continuous fibers of Tyvek® protect package integrity from both product breakthrough inside and rough handling outside. Tyvek® is so tough, it resists punctures - even from the irregular or sharp edges of many surgical devices. The superior tear strength and puncture resistance of Tyvek® reduces the risk of package failure during transport, storage and handling.
Low risk of device contamination
The unique structure of Tyvek® generates a very limited number of airborne particles when packages are opened or handled. This clean peel minimizes the risk of introducing particulates into a clean environment and therefore the risk of patient infection.
Tyvek® provides long-term sterility of packaged medical devices
A long-term shelf-life study proved conclusively that Tyvek® can maintain sterility for at least five years if package integrity is not compromised.
Tyvek® is easy to include into your process
Tyvek® brand protective material is used with confidence around the world in virtually every form of sterile medical packaging for devices and supplies e.g. pouches, blisters, header bags.

Tyvek® can easily be printed using standard commercial printing equipment.