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Feature Articles on DuPont™ Tyvek®

July 2009, DuPont Protection Technologies Unites Advanced Fiber Systems, Nonwovens and Personal Protection Businesses 

June 2008, "A new method for measuring porous microbial barriers: Part II. A closer look at ASTM international standard test method F2638", by Paul F. Herman & Curtis L. Larsen, CPP, Fellow

May 2008, "A new method for measuring porous microbial barriers: Part I. The work behind ASTM International Standard Test Method F2638", by Paul F. Herman & Curtis L. Larsen, CPP, Fellow

March 2006, "Effective Development of Terminally Sterilized Medical Device Packaging", by Curtis L. Larsen. Medical Design Technology Magazine

January 2006, "Porous Sterile Barrier Integrity Testing: Failure Anomalies" by Curtis L. Larsen.
Reprint from Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry, Cannon Communications

March 2003, "Progress Towards Harmonization of the ISO and CEN Medical Packaging Standards", by Paul Fielding
This presentation was first presented at MEDTEC Germany in March 2003

March 2003, Medical Device Technology, vol.14, no.2, "The Move to Combine CEN and ISO"

March 2003, With permission from Adcock J. Sorrel S, Watts J (eds), Medical Devices Manual (revised 2003), published by Euromed Communications Ltd, Haslemere, UK.

March 2001, HealthPack Conference: "Effects of Pinholes on Sterile Barrier Properties"

August 2000, Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry: "How Small is Small? The Effects of Pinholes on Medical Packaging"

April 2000, Medical Device Technology: "Packaging and the Environment: A Regulation Update"

April 2000, Medical Device Technology: "A Potential Method for the Specification of Microbial Barrier Properties"

October 1999, Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry: "The Effects of Radiation Sterilization on the Microbial Barrier Properties of Tyvek®"

July 1999, DuPont Magazine: "A Second Chance at Life"

February 1998, Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News: "Full Study on Tyvek Test Protocol Delayed until 2000"

January 1998, Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry: "Two Packaging Standards Give Manufacturers the Ability to Pick and Choose" - Interview with Mike Scholla from DuPont Tyvek® Medical Packaging and other industry leaders.

August 1996, Packaging Technology & Engineering: "Dye Penetration Effective for Detecting Package Seal Defects"