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White is the blank canvas that rests with serenity and confidence, waiting for us to paint our imaginations upon it. Though white can also be playful ... it is the perennial shape-shifter... it can calm or it can excite, confront or inspire. It is both primordial in its references to glacial ages past and yet utterly modern in its versatility and its knowledge of our ability to control, purify and manipulate our environment.

Grays & Blacks
Grey is the secret-keeper of the colour spectrum, capable of taking on many roles and disguises. Chic, refined and sophisticated it draws its strength from the primordial minerals of nature, and as mysterious as it can seem, it nurtures the birth of so many ideas, so much creativity in its understated adaptability. Spanning the tonal landscape between dark and light, grey modulates the shadows and offers restrained contrast, either encouraging other colours to emerge boldly from the background or to quietly retreat to restfulness. In paler tones and in certain circumstances grey actively competes with white in its ability to increase a sense of space. In can take on warmth with a light touch of yellow or move back to coolness with traces of violet and blue. Grey can take the edge off harder blacks with its graceful flair for reflectivity. Polished or honed, multi-talented grey can be either the star of the show or its reliable supporting cast. Deep, absorbing tones add gravity, while in lightness it softens the ambience with an ethereal insight.

Yellow, Orange & Red
From fiery heat to intense passion, the vigorously warm colours elicit strong responses and have been assigned clear cultural roles... and yet there are delicacies to be found here that go deep beneath the surface. Often signifying a need for caution, they insist on respect in their application, but can bring rich rewards to the bold. Capable of instilling cheerfulness, appetite and fervour, there is little that is shy about their scene-stealing presence as they immediately announce themselves with conviction. These colours demand to be noticed and can eagerly absorb the light, however, there is both a youthful readiness and a resonant maturity in long familiar hues that were among the first to enhance human creativity.

Browns & Purples
Scanning a broad vista of tones from subtle to saturated, this chromatic grouping offers a stabilising depth that can add atmosphere, balance and definition. Rich in harmonic possibilities from warm to cool, light to dark, these colours embody an intimate connection to the earth that brings robust benefits. A sense of the fundamental and the constructive enables the browns and purples to keep the temperament even and the ambience settled, while a touch of mystery emerges within the spectral shift toward alluring violet.
This sturdy structural presence, as though hewn from the terrain, takes on a sleek flexibility when encapsulated within the homogenous sheen and pure consistency of Corian®.

Effortlessly cool, blue can gently raise the spirits while keeping the ambience of calm on an even keel. Its aspiration skyward and its incarnation in the ever changing seas stir evocative responses and a powerful sense of possibilities yet to come. Easy to live with, it’s also an endlessly useful and dependable choice, with a firm basis in cultural senses of comfort, hope and trust.
Blue can vibrate with bright vitality or offer a depth of stillness. From gemstone strong too delicately sheer, blue has the ability to open out and yet also bring a scheme together... to harmonise the tonal landscape with accents of fresh inspiration. A well-balanced use of blue allows the light to do its work.

Profoundly planted in our relationship with nature and renewal, the lushness of green can be multifaceted when we aspire to bring its beauty to interior spaces. The fresher spring greens advance cheerfully to greet us while the muted evergreens stand back with maturity to welcome our approach. Wherever they may rest along the warm-cool scale that merges yellow with blue, the softest suggestions of green can lend a contemplative gentleness that reflects a lighter mood.
Signifying the phenomenon that transmutes sunlight into new life, green has a power both complex and comforting. By virtue of its sympathy with the earthier colours, the design horizons for working with green are invitingly varied. Whether applied as invigorating refreshment or as calming counterbalance - when judiciously employed this colour plays its role with reliable poise.
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