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Collezione Ergo-nomic In DuPont™ Corian®; design Giulio Gianturco; foto Rexa Design, tutti i diritti riservati.
  Ergo-nomic is a bathroom system that focuses on ergonomics. With Ergo-nomic everything is within reach and easy to use. This bathroom system made with DuPont™ Corian® techno-surface is characterized by the high level of attention paid to ergonomics in order to make everyday tasks simpler and more relaxing.

Ergo-nomic includes bathtubs, washbasins, showers, cabinets, mirrors, shelves, and many useful bathroom accessories. The taps, in steel and DuPont™ Corian® are incorporated in order to guarantee the highest levels of comfort, ergonomics and fluidity of movement. The controls in the bathtub, for example, are elegantly integrated into appropriate spaces and the water can be easily adjusted even when lying back in the bath. The shower shelf, the bathroom accessories and the fully equipped mirror unit have all been designed in order to offer users the highest levels of usability and comfort.

The extremely adaptable DuPont™ Corian® and stainless steel materials used have proved to be perfect for this project. The DuPont™ Corian® furnishing element complies with the concept of ergonomics by integrating taps that have been specially designed for the system.


Giulio GianturcoGiulio Gianturco
Born in 1953, Giulio Gianturco graduated in medicine (specializing in medical hydro-climatology, thermal medicine, and phlebology). From the Eighties onwards he took part in numerous regattas where he learned about and fell in love with the characteristics of certain technical materials (stainless steel, aramid fibers, ...).

He then began to transfer his experience with these materials to the design and construction of items for his home. Over time, due to the many requests received from friends, he began to produce small quantities of these items. He has subsequently designed articles for various companies: Agape-Alpes inox-Boffi-Cea-Cesana Dimensione Disegno-Fizan- Fusina- and others.

He has won numerous awards with Kaa for Agape, Fire for Boffi, and Guendalina for Fizan . Since 2008, following a sabbatical in the United States, he has more or less abandoned the medical profession in order to continue his design activities.

In 2011 he began working with Rexa on a new bathroom project and thus ERGO-NOMIC was born.