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How does DuPont™ Natrafil® filaments compare to other hair? Makeup artists tell you…

“(Royal & Langnickel [R]evolution™ brushes made with DuPont™ Natrafil®) are lightweight and super amazing for blending. It's no longer a makeup artist and a brush, these brushes are basically an extension of you.“

Beauty blogger Yisell Santos

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“I honestly and truly believe that (Royale & Langnickel [R]evolution™) brushes are the next best thing since the beauty blender sponge.”

Beauty blogger Raedawn of OrGLAMic Beauty blog

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“The 32-piece (Royal & Langnickel [R]evolution™) collection of precision brushes pushes the limits of performance and durability further than any previous cosmetic brush.”

Kevin James Bennett

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“As a makeup artist, I have tried many different sets of brushes over the years. Before trying Natrafil® I had never come across a synthetic brush that has such similar pick up and application to natural hair. Through our efforts to create a product that delivers on all fronts, we have actually exceeded our own expectations”

Shana King, Beauty expert, co-founder of Adesign brushes and designer of adesign Natrafil® 8-piece set

“I have totally fallen in love with the set (adesign Natrafil® 8-piece set). Very few people could tell 'oh that’s synthetics hair', it’s really a very, very good imitation of natural hair.”

Beauty blogger Magi Mania

“Brushes made with Natrafil® don’t shed, keep their original shape after washing and dry quicker than natural hair. Natrafil® also makes organic make up formulas much easier to work with.”

Beauty blogger Dasha Grozdanic, of Green Make Up blog

“With Natrafil® brushes, powder is distributed equally and in a uniform fashion.”

Stephanie Porteron, makeup artist

“With the Natrafil® brush, the powder is released only when it touches the skin which gives you preciseness I had only dreamed of.”

Delphine Deschatrette, freelance makeup artist

“Natrafil® filaments have a very soft feel and they perform great with any formula, may it be powder or heavy liquid makeup which makes it a material of choice to work with professionally.”

Dai Trang, makeup artist

"Natrafil® filaments offer a real difference when it comes to shading off; smokey eye makeup becomes very easy to apply and the result is flawless."

Louise Wittlich, makeup artist and beauty coach

"Brushes made with Natrafil® catch the formulas well, which makes them less volatile and allow you to have a more precise work."

Helène Lefur, freelance makeup artist