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Discover “The Indispensables”: Studio Tannaz first brush set made with DuPont™ Natrafil® filaments

Brush kitJulie Charrière, head teacher at Studio Tannaz knows it: Natrafil® revolutionary filament is the perfect brush material for any user looking for clean and precise make up, and optimum pick-up and release performance.

The material of choice for professionals

As a result of the enthusiasm generated within the make-up artists community for the Natrafil® brushes presented during the MakeUp in Paris show in June 2010, Studio Tannaz is responding to this demand by launching a kit of seven brushes called "The Indispensables", available on their e-boutique as of December 16th 2010. Julie put her expertise to work on the development and choice of the seven brushes, which are absolute necessities to anyone using make-up.
For each effect, there is a brush

Natrafil® filament facilitates the pick–up of the most difficult formulas — may they be powdery, oily or liquid — allowing a more precise application. Thanks to Natrafil® unique micro-structured surface, make-up is released only at skin contact, in a uniform and even fashion. The seven brushes contained in the kit are adapted in varied percentages of Natrafil® to obtain a specific result — transparency or full coverage, precision or shading. The proportion of Natrafil® is indicated on each brush to inform the user of the specific performance of the brush. The higher the percentage of Natrafil® filaments contained in the brush, the better the retention of the formula.  

Because synthetic filaments don’t absorb liquid like natural hair, Studio Tannaz brushes made with Natrafil® filaments allow for easy and frequent cleaning without altering its softness nor performance. 
Learn how to use each brush of the kit and
“get the look”

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