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The five brush kit includes:



pencil brush using 100% Natrafil® filaments. The purpose of this small round brush is to create very precise definition as the filaments collect and deposit the product with accuracy at the corner of the eye to create a deeper look.


blending brush made with 30% Natrafil® and 70% polyester filament. The brush contains just enough Natrafil® to shade or blend the powder applied by the pencil brush evenly. The polyester filaments “fill up” the brush and dilute the performance of Natrafil®.


flat eye brush containing 70% Natrafil® filament. The concealer brush is used with liquid makeup and allows targeted coverage that blends into skin smoothly and evenly to hide any imperfections under the eyes. Natrafil® being a synthetic filament is non-porous and non-absorptive and so it can also be used with liquid makeup while animal hair tends to inflate as it absorbs the liquid.


large eye shadow brush made with 50% Natrafil® chosen to deposit and sweep makeup color all over the eyelid.


powder brush also incorporating 50% Natrafil®, to replicate the performance of a pony hair brush, which picks up and distributes loose and pressed powders.