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Brushes made with Natrafil® filaments are the future of makeup”. A review by Dasha Grozdanic, makeup artist and creator of “Green Make Up” blog

Using exclusively organic makeup may be demanding, especially when it comes to finding the appropriate brushes to apply it. Indeed, organic makeup formulas are free of the chemical ingredients that are meant to facilitate application. Therefore, the pick up and release performance of the brushes becomes even more important. According to Dasha, DuPont™ Natrafil® filaments takes up the challenge and makes organic formulas easier to work with.

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Makeup by Dasha using DuPont™ Natrafil® brushes and organic
Picture by Boris Gorjan
Model Camila Gelmini @ Next Paris

Dasha, makeup artist and editor of the blog Green Make Up has tested various brushes made with DuPont™ Natrafil® filaments: Studio Tannaz “The Indispensables” kit, adesign prototypes and the limited edition of MakeUp in Paris brushes. The green makeup blogger names it now “her new favorite collection of make up brushes”.


Natrafil® filaments can be used with any type of formulas: ”When applying cream products (foundation, concealer, highlighter) you obtain a precise and even application, without streaks. This is great especially when working in HD for TV/photo, where small details are even more outstanding. When applying powder products (powder, bronzer, eyeshadow, blush, pigments), the brush allows you to pick the right amount of product and blends the formula very well. Also, the powders aren’t so volatile, which is very important for a makeup artist.”

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“Brushes made with Natrafil® don’t shed, keep their original shape after washing and dry quicker than natural hair. As a green make up artist, I really value the fact that brushes made with Natrafil® are cruelty-free which proves that you don’t have give up on performance when using synthetic brushes” she adds.

Dasha is not the only one convinced: “I asked my models about the brush feeling on their face and feedbacks were always positive.”

According to Dasha, “These filaments are the future of makeup application. I had the chance to test various brushes made with Natrafil® filaments and I must say that they are all unique. It’s great that the brands can adapt the performance of their brushes according to their requirements as numerous parameters can be changed, such as the shape of the brush, the percentage of Natrafil®, the filament diameter etc. It will give more possibilities and creativity to the makeup artists”.

To read Dasha’s full post, click here.

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