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The pencil brush, made with 100% Natrafil®,
is used to apply powder for a precise line
and full coverage.

The small eye shadow brush, made with
70% Natrafil®, is used here to get flawless
coverage on the eyelid and to add
star powder to create  precise
light points.


The pencil brush, made with 100% Natrafil®,
was also used as an eyeliner brush to create a
large line. Brushes made with Natrafil®
can be used with powder as well as liquid
makeup, as the filaments do not absorb
liquid and thus keep a perfect shape during
the application.

The Pencil brush, made with 100%  Natrafil®,
is used to apply the powder at the corner
of the eye to create a deep look.

The blending brush containing 30% Natrafil®,
is being used to shade off and blend the
different powders together.