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Marketing Partnership

 DuPont™ Natrafil® can help your brand...

  • Adapt the powder brush to the make-up and play with the make-up performance
  • Differentiate your brand
  • Protect your image regarding animal treatment
  • Ensure a higher degree of safety / health / hygiene
  • Get more reliability in terms of supply, quality, price

Natrafil® meets consumer needs

A recent market research performed by DuPont showed that 67% of consumers think their powder brushes are already made of synthetic filaments. 90% of them would actually never consider a cosmetic brush made with animal hair (if they knew). Good pick up and release of the powder is desired by 86% of consumers.
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Consumers want to know more
Our market research shows that consumers want to know more about the components of the powder brushes they purchase. DuPont has a hangtag program to help you educate consumers and demonstrate the value of your products using Natrafil®.
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Form a winning partnership
Creating a powder brush is the result of 3-way collaboration between a brand, brush manufacturer and material supplier. Your brand image — makeup and formula — is the driving force behind any consumer experience. The brush manufacturers expertise in brush-making, design, and filament transformation, enables cosmetic brands to bring the experience to life.  DuPont know-how in filaments and polymers, can help your brand through technical expertise as well as market insights.
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Ask for brushes made with Natrafil® and have it tested by your brand's own makeup artists
Learn more about what your consumers really want in a brush