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Evolution of Powder Brushes

Ever since powder makeup was invented, no synthetic filament was able to perform with powder as well as natural hair. Now it’s possible with DuPont™ Natrafil®.

DuPont, renowned in the cosmetic market as a supplier of choice for mascara filaments, started work on Natrafil®, based on requests from cosmetic brands. DuPont now offers an alternative that will pick up and release the powder as well as the natural hair. Natrafil® keeps the softness and natural feel, while improving the consistency of quality and reliability. 

From the Japanese Kabuki Theatre...

The first brushes used to apply powder were recorded in Japan in Japanese Kabuki Theatre — giving their name to the kabuki brushes still used today. The heavy rice powder used in the actor’s makeup at the time required an optimum pick up of the powder. Goat hair quickly became the material of choice thanks to its large scales that best picked up the powder. the 1950's makeup boom
Powder brushes gained in popularity among makeup artists in the 1950’s thanks to the growth of the fashion and movie industry where heavy and flawless powder makeup was needed.
Natural hair has been the standard ...
Used in powder brushes to ensure a good pick up and release of the formula. Synthetic filaments are used only marginally in powder brushes, because their smooth surface does not allow for optimum pick up and release of the powder.
Now there is a synthetic alternative that works
Over the course of five years, DuPont Research & Development experts have worked in the laboratory… and in collaboration with brush manufacturers and cosmetics brands to come up with a viable alternative for natural hair in powder brushes. Natrafil® technology addresses the imperfections of natural hair in terms of hygiene, supply and quality. See our Natrafil® product range.