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Science of Synthetic Filaments

Natrafil® replicates the effect of natural hair in powder brushes with patented technology that has been tested and proven. This technology creates a structured surface that optimizes the pick up and release of makeup powder. Natrafil® uses science to solve polymeric challenges and thereby address natural hair imperfections related to hygiene, supply and quality.

natural hair

The creative challenge

The challenge in creating Natrafil® was to replicate in a polymer the scales of natural hair, where powder lodges itself in and gets released when the hair touches the skin.
common polyester filament
The nature of ordinary filaments
Polymers being smooth by nature, the filaments made from them have a flawless surface. That gives them a soft touch, but the powder is not able to hook onto the filament, resulting in poor makeup performance of the powder brush.
DuPont filament with patented technology
Patented technology for powder brushes
DuPont™ Natrafil® patented technology is the result of two unique processes:
  1. Texturing process that creates a soft but structured surface, enabling powder pick up.
  2. Tipping process erodes the first scale of the filament, optimizes the release performance and gives it a luxurious feel.
brush with powder
Tested & proven performance
Tests have shown that powder brushes made with Natrafil® filament have equal to superior pick up & release performance versus powder brushes made with animal hair. The higher the percentage of  Natrafil® filaments in a powder brush — the better the brush performs.
  • With 100% Natrafil® filaments the powder brush picks up and releases more powder than the same brush made with animal hair.
  • In terms of pick up & release performance, Natrafil® filaments perform better than any synthetic filament currently on the market.